Copywriting is the process of writing text for content that requires specialist content such as adverts and marketing materials. Copywriting is mainly used to raise awareness of the intended brand or improve product knowledge. These scripted content are used in many forms of advertising such as leaflets, brochures, product catalogs, print publications, websites and social media posts.

Creative copywriting plays a huge part in promoting and standing ahead of the competition.  A well written article or an advertisement in combination with a good graphic design, can attract the consumers or the target market rapidly.

Today, a copywriting is a team based activity, usually take place in advertising or marketing agency. Based on the information gathered from the client, the team is updated by the creative director of the objective of the sales or marketing campaign. After the brief, the group of copywriters brainstorm for the most effective content, taglines, quotes and conclusion.

Once the copy is approved by the client, the copy will be published in the desired format or sent to be used in television or online advertising campaigns.