graphic design sri lanka

Graphic design is the process of creating visual elements to create attractive artwork to be used mostly in print media. However, with the rapid advancements of internet and worldwide web, graphic design also crossed in to web design and broadcast media as well.

The designs are created with the objective of attracting the target audience and convey a specific message. With the developments in printing, graphics were incorporated to promote and visualize the material. In the rise of computer aided design (CAD), the industry shifted to digital design in early 2000s.

Graphic design uses the shape, colors, fonts and page layouts to create artworks that meets the requirements of the client. Graphics are also useful to convey a message in a single image rather than using a lengthy text explanations. Graphics are also incorporated in explanatory form within a publication

Graphics are used in almost any platform of publishing and communication today. From newspapers to flyers, carefully designed graphics and page layouts ensure a new found interest from the target market segment. Print publications include, but not limited to magazines, leaflets, booklets, flyers and brochures.

It is important to have a professional design person to involve in the process of graphic design from start to end to ensure a smooth workflow and an attractive design. Once the design is approved process of printing and publishing is done.