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Video is an essential part in our everyday life. From education to news, entertainment to trading, videos act as a quick and effective way of providing complex information in a compact, esay to understand format.

With the advancements in high speed internet, videos have become staple in any business, product and service. It has also changed how video creators engage in the process of making video. Today videos have dominated as the preferred medium of storytelling, education, product marketing and advertising.

The possibilities and advantages of integrating video into online and broadcast media is immense with today’s competitive marketing arena. It is important to understand the requirements and pre-plan the shoot before actual recording taking place.

Once the script, location, crew and locations are finalized, the shooting of the video can proceed. It is important to have a director, a cinematographer and lighting equipment to use throughout the shooting to get the desired look and feel of the footage.

Once the video filming is completed the raw footage is sent to a editing facility to create a basic edit to get the correct storyline. When the basic edit is approved a refined video editing is carried out. With the feedback from the client more changes and post production elements are added, such as logos and animations to enhance the look and feel of the video.

Most organizations use corporate videos for brand awareness, marketing and customer focused training. Product videos are made to market a product for a target audience in mind. Examples can be varied from cars to perfume commercials and videos on online video sharing platforms.

There are event videos that capture an even from start to end with correct lighting, sound and videography. These are used to internal communication, marketing and sometimes, branding.

Broadcast videos, such as television commercials, are advertisements with very short time span such as 15, 25 or 30 seconds. Normally a high budget is allocated for this type of videos as the whole purpose of the video is to get the attention of the audience in a very short span of time.

Today the line of these video categories are blurred, and often a product video is used as a commercial for television with a trimmed down version. Other formats are used for online video sharing sites, and vice versa.


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