Website design and development process

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Web design and development is the most important aspect of any business today. As the world moving rapidly towards the online marketplaces and marketing platforms, it is a no brainer to invest in your business website to secure more traffic and customers for the products and services offered.

At SD Media we understand that not all businesses are alike. That’s why we engage with the customers more often in the planning process to understand what point ant purpose this website will serve for the business process.

Once the initial planning is over, we design a structure and a wireframe of the site to get an understanding of the layout and navigation process. We consult the customer extensively during this period regarding the changes and updated needed for the site.

Once the layout is locked, our web designers will create a template for the site including the look and feel, navigational structure, type of content used, etc. When the client approves design, the web developers take over and create the working site according to the latest web and technology standards.

We use content management system for web development as it gives the team to easily manage all aspects of the website functionality. On top of that it allows people with no complex coding knowledge to update and edit most of the site content.

Once the site is complete, we submit the site for a client review and look for potential bugs and updates. Finally when the go ahead is received the site is published optimized for multiple devices such as phone, pc and laptops/tabs. Also our web developers will make sure the site will be running smoothly on various mobile and pc platforms such as iOS, android, windows and Linux.