Digital marketing Sri Lanka

Website optimization, also known as SEO is the process of making your website easily discoverable by leading search engines. As more and more users use a search engine to type in a phrase and search, it is important to optimize the site content to reflect these phrases. Also known as keywords, these phrases can help to bring your website pages on top of the results page if you optimize the site content.

Your website will get a “ranking” from the search engine on how well the target site is listed on the results page of the search engine. Higher the ranking for a keyword, better exposure in search engines are guaranteed, resulting more sales and traffic to your website.

There are two types of optimizations available. The content updates and optimizations done on the website are called onsite optimizations. Submitting our website to a search engine and adjusting parameters of the search engines are called off-site optimization.

Typically both these methods are needed and a combination of both methods provide a better results. Correctly optimized website is the center of information and functionality for any organization in today’s digital world.